Don’t Pity the Fool

I had a car pull up next to me during my pizza delivery shift with a group of people round my age. One of them smiled, making me think I probably knew them but forgot.

In response (cause I’m amazing at pretending I remember people), I smiled greatly and waved. They in return blew a kiss. At this point, I recognized I probably didn’t know them, but just decided to play along for the sake of being stuck in traffic. They laughed, and it seemed that the traffic-light shennanigans were over.

Seconds later, a larger, frat looking dude in the back mockingly blew a kiss, leaving me with 3 choices:

  1. Ignore the guy and avert my eyes.
  2. Flip him off or be aggressive.
  3. Blow a kiss back.

Not one to be outdone, I did option 3.

He immediately burst out laughing, giving a look of approval for the humor, which left me feeling more social and avoided road rage. Job well done if you ask me.

The bottom line (hehe….bottom)

Too many people care about having a perfect, serious image. They are afraid of seeming lesser in the eyes of others, and respond by avoiding risks.

Others tend to overindulge in class clown antics in order to build a persona to prevent themselves from taking real risks.

At the end of the day, if what you don’t do or do…do (hehe) is determined solely on an insecurity of not having others approval, something is wrong.

That’s where the fool comes in.

Since times of old, light-hearted fools had no fear for the perceptions of others. They said it how it was and did things for their own fun and to kill awkward moments. Some over-did it and became obnoxious (moderation is key), but for those whom succeeded, friendship as well as fan-ship was given.

So lighten up and make ’em laugh already!

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