How to Write a Novella (or Create Art)

Offically released my first novella today! (Links at the bottom for the Save the Starving College Student Fund)

For those of you who haven’t done so before, writing fiction of at least 100 pages is something everyone should do…sorta like everyone should accideentally electrecute themselves at least once. It’s painful and paychologically damaging, and may even kill you, but in the end it’ll give you a story to tell and maybe even get you press coverage.

Now there’s a lot of pages and books on how to write, so I’ll just leave you with a few tips.

  • Life Isn’t Art’s Life Support: As said well in this comic, don’t sacrifice friends, family, and living to create. Yes, some great works have been made this way, but if you look at those who made them, many had absolutely miserable lives. There’s no avoiding the pain of creating, but don’t make it the only thing you exist for. Live every now and then (it makes for better stories)
  • Take What You Do Seriously: I’m not saying be pretentious about it, but see the value in your work and take pride in it. People are much more likely to look into someone’s material if they speak well and professionally about it, instead of treating it like the scribbles you made in high-school during a boring-ass class. This also means that you have to put hard work into it too, so go grab a coffee, bub.
  • Motivation is Stupid: Waiting to feel the desire to write? Go tell one of your friends to start selling your stuff on Ebay till you finish. Seriously though, writing, like any other task, is something you just gotta do. Sure there are times where you feel amazing about opening up a word document, but there will be many where you feel it to be like a dental check-up. Just yank the tooth and keep on going.
  • Organize!!! I don’t care if it’s a full outline or just some notes about how the story’s gonna go, have something! Unless your among the few good improv writers, seeing a blank page can be a rather jarring process. Have a small road-map to get you through.
  • Release (and if it’s meant to be, you’ll make returns eventually): Put what you do out there. It may seem scary and you may fear what people think, accept this: one day you’re going to die, and unless you get hit by a meteor, you’ll probably have time to look over your life; do you want your last minutes to be about how you could have done all these awesome things if you weren’t unnerved by what you thought others thought? Who cares!!! Even if your work is terribly horrific (which if it’s enough so, you can still gain cult status), people will only pay attention for a few minutes before getting on with their lives. Take the leap and let gravity put you in the right direction.

Molocracy can be found here:



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