8 Tips to Improve Testosterone and Halt Male Infertility This Week

We have a sperm problem.

Sorry I’m the one to tell you this, but it seems Western men’s hormones and swimmer quality have been getting out of wack, causing concern for both current and likely future generations (if we happen to have them).

Okay, so maybe it’s not a Children of Men scenario, but if you or you significant other want to have adequate energy/passion and are thinking about having kids some day, this is an important thing to think about.

For that reason, here’s a few tips to get you started:

  1. Put the Plastic Down! It’s been said for a while that BPA, a plasticide commonly found in plastic bottles/containers as well as can-goods unless otherwise marked, can cause problems for both sexes. Males however, seem to end up having lower testoserone, so bring a non-bpa bottle and make your own chicken soup during the frosty months.
  2. Get Your Phone Out of Your Pockets! Seems like swiping through FaceBook 24/7 ain’t the only reason your phone could be messing with your dating life. Studies have shown a possible link between the electromagnetic waves produced from your phone and worsening fertility in men. This may be hard to do in our society, but I found a slightly safer solution is to keep my phone in my back pocket, where there’s a little more padding between it and fragile goods.
  3. Chill (in both ways): Stress is a major testosterone destroyer thanks to the hormone homocysteine (which has been linked to numerous other health problems over time). Thankfully, besides meditation and other calming activities, one way you can cool off is with a Cold Shower; cold exposure, experienced normally through cold showers and ice baths, can help naturally raise testosterone.
  4. Supplement: If you have any defficiencies, get them figured out and fixed. Common ones that can hinder performance (to which I supplement) are Vitamin D3, Selenium (at night), and Zinc.
  5. Party Off: Smoking and high levels of alcohol don’t fare to well with the body, so if you party to the break of dawn to often, your child’s day of birth may be hazier.
  6. Sleep: If you’re not partying 24/7, minus well catch some Z’s. Lack of sleep boosts stress hormones and leaves you too tired and cranky to continue this list, so GO TO BED!
  7. Get Fit: As I’ve mentioned here before, a big desire for me is to see people put health and fitness firmly into their life. A good reason for many men to start is that obesity and habits like poor diet and exercise that tend to preclude it have been known to cause problems with fertility. If you need some help with that however, I’ve personally just started my own plan which has been working pretty well for me so far.
  8. Sex: Doubt you needed another reason, but it does raise your T levels. So Get It On with your honey/Tinder match if they’re up for it.

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