Don’t Be a D.O.N.G

I want to bring up an issue that seems to have been plaguing men since the dawn of time. A condition that leaves men either spineless or with a 20 foot rod up their ass.

A condition known as…being a D.O.N.G

What is this condition, you ask?

Being a Dick or Nice Guy.

“But what’s wrong with being nice?”

Nothing, true kindness is awesome. But if you’re asking that question as a “nice guy”, know that you aren’t nice in the way people want. Usually you’re

  • Into pleasing only those that attract you
  • Willing to say anything for that person’s affection
  • Willing to lead someone on into a quasi-friendship that has no idea your intentions
  • Too scared to be direct
  • Needy as hell with no life of your own
  • Manipulative as hell
  • Insecure

Now I don’t know bout you, but this to me doesn’t sound like someone people want to be around, and who will likely cause and be in strife very frequently.

“So I should just be an asshole then, cause that gets me a partner”

No, and sort of but not necessarily how you want…

A dick can be recognized by being

  • Self-absorbed
  • Aggresive and even angry in his pursuits
  • Over the top in his lack of care for anyone
  • Willing to say anything for that person’s affection
  • Manipulative as hell
  • Insecure

“But wait, how can someone be so aggresive and confident, yet similiar to a nice guy?”

Simply because the first tends to be the second in disguise.

Dicks usually start off as Nice Guys that are shut down so often, they pull a complete 180° thinking it’ll fix them. In reality, while their lack of neediness and increased aggression tends to boost their odds of getting a date, it also has some bad consequences like

  • Alienating Friends
  • Getting a Reputation as the Dude that Hits on EVERYONE
  • Losing Oneself and Eventually Feeling Unfulfilled
  • Dying Alone

Okay, the last one may be a stretch, but think about this for a second. While being a dick will work on the more insecure, it rarely attracts confident people. And even if it does, you are still not being honest about who you are. Brooding is attractive for a one night stand, but the shallow, moody shell is not a great candidate for a relationship.

I guess you need to ask what you really want.

If you’re looking to play the field, be a dick could work (though it’s not even the most effective way).

On the other hand, if you actually want to meet someone you may have future potential with, just be honest, up front, and confident.

Don’t be needy or obssesive about your potential dates, and have more life interests than just them. In other words, have a life and actually be both nice and a little aggressive.

I could go further into detail on this (which I will in the ebook), but for now, I leave you with two awesome books to check out from my piece 8 Books that Changed My Life.

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover is an quick intoduction to the “nice guy” phenomena, and shows you how to finally break away from the behavioral patterns that have been holding you back.

Models by Mark Manson on the other hand, goes into detail on how one can actually approach and get intimate with a potential partner without being and feeling like an insecure creep. 

We’ll also have articles on these subjects, so male sure to check in time to time. You may just learn something…

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