Light-Speed Transformation: 3 Tips to Boost Your Style in 10 Minutes

Feel like crap?

Not confident?

In need of a quick boost to get your wheels turning?

If so, it’s time to change-up your wardrobe!

While a few clothing swaps may not seem like much, the above photo shows they can truly make a difference when your just starting out in improving yourself. Fast, easy, and (if done right) affordable, you just may be surprised when all of sudden compliments and flirty glares start flying out the woodwork.

Here’s a Few Tips to Get You Started:

  • Make Sure Your Clothes Fit: Clothes that are too baggy will make you look either like an angsty middle-schooler that buys their clothes a size up at Hot Topic. Too tight on the other hand…we’ll unless you’re a beefed up combo of Arnold and Atlas, you’re either gonna look scrawny or blob-like. Even if you are a muscle head, the 24/7 XXS clothes deal is wicked douchey. Buy clothes that fit your body without clinging. If you’re a more slender fellow like myself, check out slim-fit for both shirts and suits. It REALLY makes a difference without having to have your clothes tailored.
  • Color Match: Here is a color wheel:


Colors on opposite ends of each other one/two colors away will match. There are more rules out there, but you can look deeper into that if you’d like (just here for a basic guide). Try to keep your hues the same (faded/muted with faded/muted, brighter with brighter), match your shoes to your belt, and for skin tone, just check to see if it looks good on you.

  • Be One Step Above the Rest: I’m not saying you have to go full suit every day, but just go a little better than everyone else. T-shirts and sweatpants all over the place? Go for a short sleeve button down/polo and darker jeans/khakis. Baggy dress shirts and jeans? Try a blazer over a nice dress shirt and some darker pants. Play around with it. You’ll definitely get attention from your significant other or strike the eye of that cutie at the end of the bar.


Want more style info, as well as tips to help boost your confidence and get you on track?

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